Manufacturing of Blue Pottery involves use of Quartz Powder, Indigenous Glass Powder, katira, saji and Multani soil. All these mixed in a certain proportion, dough is prepared. Thereafter with this dough utensils are prepared and put in sun to dry them up. After drying up, a coat of quartz and glass powder is applied. Then with Cobalt Oxide, lines, flowers and other designs are marked on the Pots. There after these are coloured with copper oxide, chromium and other metallic oxide colours and then coat of glaze is applied. Lastly, the Pots are put in wooden fire kilns with the heat 750`C to 800`C in one instance.
It is worth wile to note that in Blue Pottery manufacturing of big size pots is an extremely tedious and risky affair. There is always an element of risk of the Pots getting cracks or colours becoming faded. The risk is further enhanced in the pots like lamps created with Net-work with numerous meshes and intricate embossed work. But Shri Saini, with his own innovative techniques and discoveries has done wonders to accept not only the inherent challenges but to create in Blue Pottery even the Kashmir’s paper Massey’s water melon shaped items.

It is impossible to sum up all the aspects, specialities and varied dimensions of Blue Pottery in such a small brochure. To believe, one has to see for himself the ever expanding horizons of this art and craft. Hence our MOST CORDIAL invitation extends to all dealers, importers, exporters, interior decorators and general public at large to visit our showroom/workshop at their earliest convenience.

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