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The history of pot manufacturing can be said to be as old as human civilisation itself .The human beings, in whatever stage of civilisation, had always needed some sort of pots for eating, drinking or preserving .With the passage of time and progress of civilisation, numerous improvements, innovations and changes have been witnessed in pot manufacturing.

The Blue Pottery’s origin lies in Iran. It is from there that it gradually spread towards Delhi and Agra through Afghanistan. But presently, there seems no comparison of Jaipur Blue Pottery to any other place in the entire world. The credit for development of this art in Jaipur goes to its erstwhile ruler Sawai Ram Singh –II (1835-1880). For about 100 years, the art of Blue Pottery continued to flourish here. But there after, for reasons unknown, this art gradually vanished in its entirety.

In the year 1963, the responsibility for pouring life to the dying art had been handed over to Padmashri Kripal Singh Shekhawat. It is with his untiring efforts that the art has once again surged with full life and in various dimensions. Not only this, but Shri Shekhawat took deep pains for about five years to train and perfect his devoted pupil Shri Gopal Saini. M. A. in drawing and painting. Shri Saini has given blue pottery, by establishing his own unit called –Ram Gopal Blue Pottery, varied dimensions and taken the art to the Pinnacles of art and craft. In his workshop, innovative experiments are continuously carried out with regard to colours, shapes and designs. Not only this Mohan Jodaro and Harappa Cultures are also found reflected in his creations.

Big size egg shaped Pitchers, Tiles, Statues like Lord Ganesh, Elephants, Peacocks, Birds, Fountains, Vases, Bowls, Door Knobs, Incense Stick Stands, Bathroom Fittings, Coasters, Napkin Holders, Perfume Bottles, Lamps, Minar Lamp,51” Minar(Sarga Suli), big panel set of tiles like Phad painting, hanuman chalisa, flower composition and infinitum can be found in his workshop. Embossed items and scintillating colour combinations attract every one’s attention toward his art and craft. It is only because of quality, dexterity and impressive outlook, that his creations have loudly been acclaimed not only in India but also in foreign countries like –Italy, Switzerland, Australia, England etc.

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